Densifying Compound

Crete Rx Densifier contains nanoparticle silicate to better penetrate and harden honed concrete surfaces. Treated surfaces will exhibit improved abrasion and wear resistance along with improved chemical resistence. Use Crete Rx Densifier after the Honing step in restorative maintenance procedures.


Nanoparticle silicate chemistry

Strengthens and hardens polished concrete

Concrete surface exhibits improved abrasion and chemical resistance

Tech Specs
Appearance Transparent
Color Water White
Coverage 2000 sq.ft./gal
Odor Odorless
Directions for Use

Apply Betco Densifier at proper application rate, 2000 sq.ft./gal, with a low pressure sprayer or flatmop or mop and bucket. Keep the surface wet to touch with Densifier for 15-20 minutes; re-applying Densifier in dry areas if necessary. After initial application time (15-20 minutes) allow floor to dry until it is no longer wet to touch. Do not attempt to remove excess material from floor; any unreacted material will be removed in the Polish Step.

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