Dumpster Treatment

Dumpster Cleaner and Odor Eliminator

Dumpster treatment can be used on any dumpster or other trash receptacle. Excellent clinging foam provides extended contact for maximum cleaning. Regular use will also eliminate any malodors. Can also be used on trash chutes and loading docks.


Rich clinging foam for extended cleaning and odor control

Triple odor control, fragrance, malodor counteractant and probiotic bacteria fight odors long after initial application

Use with Betco’s manual and foaming applicators for maximum performance.

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 325 billion CFU per gallon
Color Yellow
pH 6.5 - 7.5
Grease emulsification Excellent
Viscosity 250 - 400 centipoise
Fragrance Mango
Warranty 2 years
Foaming High
Directions for Use

Read the entire label before using this product. Shake well before using. USING APPLICATORS OR DISPENSERS: QUARTS: TO USE SPRAYER: Remove shipper cap and thread hose end sprayer onto bottle until secure. Connect sprayer to hose. Pull back safety latch and rotate dial to on position. Sprayer automatically dilutes at 1:20 or 6 ounces per gallon of water. GALLONS: Add to any manual or automatic foaming device. PAIL: USING SPRAY MISTER: Set dispenser to mist every two hours to eliminate odors throughout the day. MANUAL APPLICATION - Dilute product 1:20 or 6 ounces per gallon of water, Spray or foam production all areas of the dumpster or other trash receptacle. Do not rinse. Best to apply after trash has been emptied. Apply routinely to control odors. NOTE: Do not subject this product to disinfectants, boiling water or chlorinated products.

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