Thermoplastic spray buff

This spray buffing compound combines detergents, thermoplastics and solvent for the answer to terrific looking floors. Simply spray on floors and polish with a spray buff pad to easily remove black heel marks, scuffs and scratches leaving a wet look gloss. Regular use of this spray buff will allow the user to reduce stripping and rewaxing procedures by over 75%. Spray buff leaves floor finish very hard and durable yet slip resistant.


Provides excellent lubricity to pad surface for a higher shine.

Effective repair of all floor finish types.

Versatile - The perfect product for use with conventional and high speed equipment.

Tech Specs
Buffability Excellent
Color (dry) Clear
Color (liquid) Milky green
Fragrance Clean bouquet
Freeze/thaw stability Keep from freezing
Gloss Excellent
Heel mark resistance excellent
pH 8.0 - 9.5
Recoat Excellent
Shelf life 1 year
Specific gravity 1.0
Directions for Use

Remove soil and dust mop the floor. Spray a light mist of product on the floor in front of the floor machine. DO NOT OVERWET. Using a nylon or polyester spray buff pad, buff the floor where the fine mist of spray buff has been applied. Flip or change pad as necessary. After spray buffing the floor is completed, dust mop the floor if dust is still present.
NOTE: In order for spray buff to work correctly, three or four base coats of floor finish must be applied before using spray buff in order to achieve maximum gloss and wear properties. Heavy traffic areas may require dust mopping, followed by damp mopping, followed by spray buffing. Use of this spray buff will eliminate powdering and will never yellow the floor.
NOTE: Slip resistance meets or exceeds standard, (ASTM D 2047-11) James Machine 0.5 minimum.

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