Fortify™ Foam Control Antifoam Puck

Concentrated Solid Antifoam Puck

As featured on Betco’s new GeneSys™ Mid-Size Auto Scrubber, Fortify™ Foam Control is a highly concentrated solid antifoam puck that quickly penetrates and knocks down foam to eliminate problems associated with recovery tank foaming.


Fast acting - Breaks foam on contact.

Saves time - Eliminates downtime and wasted effort in dumping recovery tanks.

Versatile – can be used in Betco’s new GeneSys™ Mid-Size Scrubber and put into the debris tray of other auto scrubber tanks.

Tech Specs
Dissolve Rate (assumes in flowing water, not submerged) Approximately 300-400 gallons
Color Blue
Fragrance Odorless
Appearance Solid puck cylinder
pH 6 - / at RTU dilution
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Remove debris tray from recovery tank and insert antifoam puck into cage, then replace debris tray. Use puck until fully dissolved into the recovery tank.

For use in non-GeneSys™ equipment, place puck directly in debris tray or base of recovery tank. Note: Dissolve Rate will increase if in base of recovery tank.

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