Grease Solv Degreaser

Industrial Degreaser
Grease Solv is an industrial degreaser that rivals any traditional degreaser with the added benefits of probiotics. Probiotics aide in digesting organic material, creating fewer issues downstream. Grease Solv targets petroleum soils and other industrial organics, leaving a pleasant fragrance.

High count non-pathogenic probiotics for better cleaning

Probiotic package that targets petroleum soils and other industrial organics

Perfect for industrial cleaning and degreasing, vehicle wash, pressure washing, above and below deck cleaning, marine cleaning, automobile oil bays and more

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 200 Billion CFU per gallon
Color Orange
Fragrance Rain Fresh
pH 6.0 - 9.0
Temperature Range 60°F to 90°F
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Shake before use This Industrial Degreaser has a proprietary surfactant package with pleasant fragrance and a high count non-pathogenic microbial package geared for petroleum soils and other industrial organics. LIGHT SOIL: Dilute 1 to 2 oz./gal. (1:128 to 1:64) with water. MODERATE SOIL: Dilute 4 - 6 oz./gal. (1:32 - 1:21) with water. HEAVY SOIL: Dilute 12 oz./gal. (1:10) with water or use direct. FOR USE WITH TRIGGER SPRAY BOTTLE: Spray properly diluted product to soiled areas and wipe with a clean cloth. FOR USE WITH MOP BUCKETS: Fill mop bucket with properly diluted product as indicated by the soil levels and the dilution table above. Apply properly diluted product to the floor, let set 3 - 5 minutes. Pick up with tightly rung mop. FOR USE IN AN AUTOMATIC SCRUBBER: Fill solution tank with properly diluted mixture of product. For heavy soils, use double scrub method of cleaning. For porous or grouted floors, scrub brushes may improve the removal of surface soils. Note: Do not subject this product to disinfectants, boiling water or chlorinated products.

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