Liquid Chisel Max Non-Butyl Degreaser

Ultra Strength Non-Butyl Degreaser

A revolutionary surfactant system so superior in efficiency, it threatens to replace every all purpose cleaner and heavy duty degreaser on the market today.


NSF International Certified for use in all regulated food processing and food service environments.

Concentrated to work in light to heavy duty cleaning

Quickly penetrates fats, oils and grease based soils

Works well in hot, cold, hard or soft water

No harmful vapors or toxic solvents

Tech Specs
Color Green
Detergency Excellent
Emulsification Excellent
Foaming Moderate
Fragrance Characteristic
pH 13.00-14.00
Rinsability Complete
Solubility in Water Complete
Wetting Excellent
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

This ultra strength degreaser is perfect for cleaning concrete, floors, walls, machinery, engines, and a variety of other water washable industrial surfaces soiled with heavy grease or oil. Not recommended for cleaning glass. Dilute with water for general maintenance.
LIGHT SOIL: Dilute 1.25 oz./gal. or 10 mL/L (1:100) with water.
MODERATE SOIL: Dilute 3 oz./gal. or 23 mL/L (1:43) with water.
HEAVY SOIL: Dilute 13 oz./gal. or 100 mL/L (1:10) with water.

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