Symplicity™ Break Alkaline Booster

Alkaline Booster

Concentrated alkaline builder formulated to work synergistically with detergent in the wash cycle. It breaks the soil to linen bond removing even the most difficult soils quickly. Enhanced with wash water conditioners and exceptionally free rinsing, Break improves detergent performance delivering one wash clean results. Recommended for use on all fabrics except for wool and silk.


Improves Detergent Performance - Labor Saving & Chemical Savings

Contains anti-redisposition agents - Prevents graying and dulling

SureConnect – No Contact, No spills, enhances safety and more

Tech Specs
Color Water White
Fragrance Mild
Detergency Excellent
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Consult your Betco Distributor for detailed instructions for your specific application. Always follow proper procedures when replacing empty containers.

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