Symplicity™ Reclaim R Powder for Rust

Reclaim Powder for Rust and Tannin Linens

Restores iron and alkali dulled and grayed rejected linen to a serviceable condition maximizing your linen investment dollars. Formulated with mild yet effective iron inhibiting organic acids, it quickly neutralizes the negative effects caused by iron in the water supply. Part of the Symplicity Reclaim System Reclaim R is premeasured and conveniently packaged in single use plastic jars designed to reclaim up to 50 lbs. of rejects per load. When used as directed Reclaim R puts rejected linen back into service.


Pre-measured – Easy to use

Restores Linen - Saves Budget Dollars

Formulated for iron rust

Powder Concentrated – Economical, Saves money

Versatile – Treats a variety of soils and stains

Tech Specs
Color Off-White
Viscosity Low
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

1. Fill washer to capacity with linen.
2. Start machine and allow it to fill with hot water to low level.
3. Add 1 container of RECLAIM R per 50 pounds of linen.
4. Wash for 12 minutes.
5. Drain.
6. Run linen through a minimum of 3 rinses (1-hot and 2-warm water).
7. Extract.
8. Check final linen pH – if above 5, add additional rinse step.
9. Dry in dryer.

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