Symplicity™ Reclaim C Powder for Color Linens

Reclaim Powder for Color Linens

Maximizes your linen investment by restoring unusable colored linen to a serviceable condition. Formulated with water conditioners highly alkaline salts and colorsafe bleaching agents that remove deeply embedded stains in color linens. Part of the Symplicity Reclaim System Reclaim C is premeasured and conveniently packaged in single use plastic jars designed to reclaim up to 50lbs of rejects per load. When used as directed Reclaim C puts rejected linen back into service.


Restores Linen – Save budget dollars

Versatile – Treats a variety of soils and stains

Formulated for color linens

Powder Concentrated – Economical, Saves money

Pre-measured – Easy to use

Tech Specs
Color Off-White
Foaming Low
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

1. Fill washer to capacity with linen.
2. Start machine and allow it to fill with hot water to low level.
3. Add 1 container of RECLAIM C per 50 pounds of linen.
4. Wash for 12 minutes.
5. Drain.
6. Run linen through a minimum of 3 rinses (1-hot and 2-warm water).
7. Extract.
8. Check final linen pH – if above 7, add additional rinse step.
9. Dry in dryer.

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