Symplicity™ PRO S Solvent Prewash

Solvent Prewash for Broad Spectrum Organic Soils

Ready-to-Use prewash spotter formulated with detergents and solvents that act quickly to dissolve and remove difficult organic grease and oil stains including shoe polish, oil based cosmetics, crayon, marker, shop grease, and tar. When used as directed and in accordance with Betco's Best Laundry Practices wall chart, PRO S will save time energy labor and reduce chemical consumption and produce one wash clean results. Part of Betco's LaundryPro Stain Treatment Center


Convenient packaging – Ready to Use

Reduces Rewash - Labor Saving

Designed for stains for organic stains including oils and grease

Fast Acting – Labor Savings

Tech Specs
Color Colorless
Fragrance Orange
Foaming Slight
Flash Point None
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Spray Pro S directly onto stain. Agitate with brush or rub vigorously. If possible, wait 5 to 10 minutes before beginning wash cycle. Always follow label directions.
IMPORTANT: Before using, test for dye stability by cleaning a small inconspicuous section of fabric.

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