Wild Berry Malodor Counteractant for Portable Toilets

Wild Berry Powdered Portable Toilet Malodor Counteractant

Wild Berry Malodor Counteractant is a concentrated, non-formaldehyde powder combining Probiotics waste digesters with powerful odor control and fragrance. Conveniently packed in pre-measured, quick-dissolve water soluble pouches for easy dosing and application. For use in portable toilets, RV, Buses, Boat and Camper Black Water Tanks.


Pre-measured dose pouches



Eliminates Odors

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 2 Billion CFU per gram
Color Brown
Fragrance Wildberry
pH 6.0-9.5
Temperature Range 68- 100 F
Warranty 2 Years
Storage Temp 50 - 70 F
Directions for Use

Directions for Use: Add one- 1 oz packet per 5 gallons of clean water charge. Increase number of packets due to extreme high temperature or high traffic.

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