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When Clean Really Matters - Hospital Standards

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Sep 21, 2017

With the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s), a clean patient room is more important than ever. A person’s definition of “clean” can be a subjective one; however, in the health care industry, there is a clean standard that must be followed to insure a sense of comfort and quality for the patient. When a patient is admitted into the hospital, it is far from home, but the least a health care facility can do is provide their patients with a clean and welcoming environment. You may be wondering, what all should a health care facility do to meet this cleaning standard? The list below is a guide recommended by an experienced cleaning contractor that may be helpful for a health care facility cleaning staff.

  • Knock on the door of the patient’s room and announce “Housekeeping.”
  • Introduce yourself by name to the patient.
  • Clean the room from ceiling to floor
  • Look  for furniture that is out of place and rearrange to the standard layout.
  • Organize the patient’s personal items as requested.
  • Pick up all debris on the floor.
  • Empty the trash by removing the entire liner and replacing it with a new liner.      If the trash basket is soiled, wipe it clean with a disinfectant.
  • Work in an organized fashion around the room.
  • Spot clean horizontal surfaces.
  • Disinfect correctly all the high touch points and clean all surfaces.

Even further, patient room floor cleaning also calls for a uniform sequence of steps, including the following:

  • Assemble your mop and adjust the height.
  • Begin cleaning the floor, starting from the back of the room and working toward the door.
  • Collect dirt and debris at the door with a cleaning brush and dustpan.
  • Look around the room to make sure furniture is not out of place, supplies are not left behind and that waste receptacles are clean. Also, look for soiled areas missed earlier.

Health facility staff members interact with numerous patients on a daily basis, meaning that daily cleaning is crucial for the health and satisfaction of their patients. For more information on improving the quality of a patient’s room at a health facility, visit Health Facilities Management Magazine!