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How MyBetco Solves Facilities Teams' Top 5 Problems

Oct 30, 2023

In-house cleaning teams offer imperative services for facility maintenance and cleanliness. Inconsistent work locations and differing shifts makes team management and training a difficult task. MyBetco® was created with cleaning staff members and leaders in mind, catering to evolving demands.

1. Maintaining Compliance and Safety

Creating and maintaining a clean facility requires strict regulatory procedures that guarantee the safety of cleaning teams. E-learning courses offered through MyBetco prioritize legally mandated OSHA training for cleaning staff, including:

  • OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) – Mandatory at the start of employment and recommended to take annually as a refresher, this is the second-most violated standard. We cover all training requirements to keep our end-use customers in compliance: 
    1. Content of the standard
    2. GHS (Globally Harmonized System)
    3. Safety Data Sheets
    4. Proper chemical labeling
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) – Mandatory every year and covers all necessary training components:
    1. Content of the standard
    2. Reducing exposure to bloodborne pathogens
    3. Universal precautions
    4. Employer responsibilities

MyBetco also includes courses prioritizing worker safety on the job site. Courses outlining Slip and Fall Prevention and general Worker Safety are offered to educate teams on the importance of occupational and overlooked hazards. 

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2. Team Management

Supervising multiple teams at once means that training and professional development can be difficult to track. MyBetco permits Team Leads to create and manage teams of employees within the user portal, simplifying task delegation and progress records. Team leads are capable of:

  • Tracking employee progress and success 
  • Organizing and assigning Learning Paths
  • Standardizing training for specific teams and situations

Communication between users and Team Leads is streamlined with automatic email notifications following every new assignment, registration, and completed course, providing users with immediate feedback and eliminating the need for Team Leads to individually address each action. Certificates are generated after a user finishes a course, commending them for their achievements and serving as credible proof of course completion. Please see video below for an overview of MyBetco’s team management capabilities. 

3. Employee Turnover

Nearly 40% of cleaning staff have worked at their current employer for less than 1 year, and almost 70% for less than 2. In an industry with high employee turnover, investing in costly training for employees might not always be cost effective in the long run, and developing a comprehensive plan that accommodates entire teams can be troublesome.

Graph sourced from Zippia

MyBetco presents a free, high-quality solution geared towards improving employee skills without excessive allocation of funds and effort. Standardizing and streamlining training not only produces better cleaning outcomes, but creates knowledgeable, satisfied employees:

  • Employee efficiency soars by 218% as a result of training
  • Access to training influences 70% of employees in their decision to stay or leave a job
  • 27% more employees hit their first performance milestones with proper training during onboarding
  • Employees who are engaged through training outperform non-trained, non-engaged peers by up to 20%

4. Relevant Coursework

Keeping up with industry trends while accommodating for varying employee learning styles and diverse language requirements can be an arduous task. Courses and educational resources on MyBetco are presented in multiple formats and consistently updated, ensuring that teams have constant access to relevant content. Multiple learning methods help facilities teams navigate and absorb topics, tools, and techniques, while frequent knowledge checks and quizzes establish proven results.

MyBetco also meets increasing demand for multilingual content with courses available in Spanish, French, and English. It is a mandatory OSHA requirement that training must be provided in a language that is easily understood by employees. With 79.3% of janitors speaking Spanish, MyBetco empowers Spanish-speaking teams to easily pursue professional training.

Graph sourced from Zippia

5. Resource Availability

Often, essential resources are not organized in a central location. SDSs may be stored on one site with manuals on another which prevents easy access in critical moments. MyBetco houses necessary resources all in one convenient location, including webinars, training, manuals, SDSs, helpful blogs, and more. These resources are available across devices, bringing necessary training collateral to your staff members’ fingertips in any location.  

As captains of a dynamic industry, in-house facilities teams must be organized and efficient with their time and resources. MyBetco simplifies resource accessibility, transforming training techniques and team management. Embracing the versatility of MyBetco’s online training and tools means leaders spend less time building competent, well-trained teams and more time on other important duties. Sign up and register for MyBetco today!