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Deciphering Degreasers

Jul 31, 2023

Efficient cleaning and degreasing of equipment and surfaces is crucial for maintaining safe operations in industrial settings. Industrial degreasers play a vital role in removing grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants from surfaces, ensuring a safe working environment. It is important to understand the different types of degreasers and their specific applications. Read on to explore industrial degreaser categories as well as relevant product offerings.Note: All products mentioned below are concentrates unless listed as ready-to-use. For more information on properly diluting concentrated chemicals, please click here.

Butyl-Based Degreasers

One of the most common and cost-effective cleaning agents, butyl’s chemical composition allows it to penetrate and disperse within oil for easy and efficient extraction. Butyl degreasers are versatile and safe for use on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, concrete, plastic, and painted surfaces. While suitable for countless applications, butyl degreasers are ideal for removing tar, asphalt, oils, and greases, as well as removing oily build-up from automotive service bays. Unlike other heavy-duty cleaners, butyl degreasers rinse easily without leaving behind any residue – perfect for the fast-paced industrial manufacturing environment.  

Super Kemite® 103 Versatile low-foaming formula suitable for use anywhere within industrial facilities; excellent when paired with automatic scrubbers
Ultra 2000 Aggressive formula removes tough soils

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Citrus Solvents

D-limonene, also known as citrus terpenes, is a naturally occurring substance derived from the oil within the peels of citrus fruit. D’limonene – being a solvent – does not have a pH. Citrus solvents provide a natural, traditional alternative to butyl-based degreasers. Due to its high dielectric strength, many d’limonene degreasers are safe to use around circuit boxes and electric motors. D’limonene degreasers are powerful enough to clean brake parts, oily motors, adhesives, tire marks, tar/asphalt, part washers, and more. The best part? Degreasers infused with citrus terpenes contain a natural citrus fragrance that deodorizes as it easily lifts tough soils from surfaces. 

Citrus Solvents
Citrusolv HF High flashpoint solvent degreaser, ideal for parts washers or soak tanks
Citrusolv WR Water rinsable formula removes heavy buildup of grease, oil, and adhesives
Citrusolv Concentrate  Instantly dissolves grease and oil in hard-to-reach places like drains and grease traps; removes adhesives and decals
Citrusolv 40 Dilutes with water as needed; easily removes vehicle undercoatings, grease, oil, ink, and adhesives

Non-Butyl Degreasers

Many industries, such as food service or food processing environments, impose restrictions on certain chemicals, including butyl. Butyl-free degreasers are an alternative solution that offer effective degreasing properties without the hazards and negative perception of butyl degreasers. Depending on the formulation, butyl-free degreasers target starches, sugars, fats, and liquid oils, but remain suitable for use in industrial manufacturing settings as well due to their versatile qualities. Most butyl-free degreasers are safe for cleaning concrete, walls, floors, machinery, engines, and other water-washable surfaces. 

Non-Butyl Degreasers
Liquid Chisel® Max Ultra-strength; perfect for lifting heavy grease and oil from water washable surfaces
Citrus Chisel Penetrates fats, oils, and grease-based solids; from kitchen to factory
Citruspray Ready-to-use combination all-purpose cleaner and degreaser removes the toughest soils
Green Earth® Velocity Lifts and removes inks, oils, and greases from a variety of surfaces; safely removes black heel marks from synthetic floors
Factory Formula HP Water based product cleans like a solvent; removes tough stains and rubber tire marks from concrete floors
Speedex Ready-to-use heavy duty degreaser with a pleasant mint fragrance
Green Earth Natural Degreaser Natural solution rivals traditional degreasers with surfactant power

Probiotic Degreasers

The ultimate in sustainable degreasing, probiotic cleaners contain enzyme-producing bacteria that consume industrial soils. Probiotic degreasers have a residual effect, meaning the enzymes continue to work after application: perfect for busy industrial environments. These powerful products can eradicate oil, sugars, fats, starches, coolants, and grease throughout industrial facilities and hard-to-clean spaces like drains and grates. By harnessing the power of bacteria and enzymes, probiotic degreasers provide effective grease digestion and odor control while promoting a cleaner and more sustainable environment. To learn more about the processes involved with probiotic industrial soil consumption, please click here.

Probiotic Degreasers
Grease Solv Targeted probiotic blend attacks petroleum soils and industrial inorganics

Keeping the industrial workplace free of excess grease and oil is imperative for maintaining safety regulations and quality compliance. When left unaddressed, grease and oil can corrode and damage surfaces and equipment, as well as create dangerous, slippery conditions that endanger employees. To learn more about Betco’s industrial manufacturing solutions, click here. To connect with a Betco product expert, click here

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