Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Garbage Disposal Cleaner
Garbage Disposal Cleaner is an effective foaming probiotic cleaner and freshener for all types of garbage disposals. The pleasant fragrance along with the probiotic cleaning action leave tough-to-reach disposal sidewalls, blades, and pipes clog free and smelling fresh.

Water-soluble packaging for simple dosing and application

Helps prevent downstream clogging

Powerful formula effective at degrading buildup in restaurant disposals

Leaves kitchen sinks clean and running smoothly

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 10 Million CFU per gram
Bacterial type Non-Pathogenic
Color Blue
Fragrance Fruity
Gram Negatives Not Present
pH 6-9.5
Temperature Range 60°F - 90°F
Warranty 2 Years
Directions for Use

DIRECTIONS: For larger commercial disposal, use 2 pouches. For residential disposal, use 1 pouch. Use several times per week or when soils build up or odors require freshening. To begin, ensure disposal is empty and turned off. Run warm/hot water in the sink with disposal. Toss the appropriate number of pouches into the disposal. Do not open pouch. Turn disposal on for two seconds. Immediately, shut off water and disposal. Blue probiotic cleaning foam will rise from the drain. Once the foam has receded, rinse the sink clean.

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