Green Earth® Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Concentrated Hard Surface Cleaner

This versatile and dilutable cleaner quickly and effectively removes a variety of soils from any surface not harmed by water. No added solvents are incorporated into this revolutionary cleaner. Formula is designed to leave a lasting fragrance of clean.


Clean virtually anything with the power of nature.

Dilutable product for light, medium or heavy duty soils.

Will not streak or smear.

Tech Specs
Sensory Lime
Color Green
Foam Moderate
Detergency Excellent
Emulsification Rapid
Solubility in Water Complete
Glycol ether None
Phosphates None
Silicates None
pH 10.5 to 11.5
Warranty 2 years
Storage stability 120° F Max.
Directions for Use

LIGHT SOIL: Dilute 2 oz./gal. or 16 mL/L (1:64) with water.
MODERATE SOIL: Dilute 6 oz./gal. or 50 mL/L (1:20) with water.
HEAVY SOIL: Dilute 13 oz./gal. or 100 mL/L (1:10) with water.

For chemical management systems, see specific directions on product label.

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