Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser

A heavy-duty degreaser specifically formulated to instantly dissolve the greasy, oily soils found in commercial kitchens. This ultra concentrated fast acting product delivers unbeatable performance and true economy by saving you time and labor.


Versatile, use for everything from light to heavy duty cleaning.

Formula emulsifies soil types such as fats, oils and greases.

Works well in hot, cold, hard or soft water.

Fast, effective cleaning.

Tech Specs
Color Red
Detergency Excellent
Dilution Ratio (Heavy Soil) Dilute 8 oz./gal. or 63 mL/L (1:6) with water
Dilution Ratio (Light Soil) Dilute 4 oz./gal. or 31 mL/L (1:32) with water
Dilution Ratio (Moderate Soil) Dilute 6 oz./gal. or 48 mL/L (1:21) with water
Emulsification Excellent
Foaming Moderate
Fragrance Characteristic
Freeze/thaw stability Passes 3 cycles
Directions for Use

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