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ORM-D Classification Change: Distributors, Ask Yourselves This 1 Question

Dec 17, 2020

ORM-D stands for Other Regulated Materials for Domestic transport only, and it is a classification used for packages shipped by ground that contain hazardous materials in such small quantities that hazard during transportation is considered limited. There are numerous benefits to using the ORM-D designation to ship hazardous materials:

  • Less cost
  • Exemption from the usual requirements of:
    • UN specific packaging
    • Hazmat labels
    • Shipping papers (with a few exceptions, such as hazardous waste)
    • Hazmat placards

Examples of Betco® product categories that have had select SKUs qualify for ORM-D shipment include:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Degreasers (e.g., Speedex, Oven Jell, Citrus Chisel, Citruspray™, Kitchen Degreaser)
  • Bowl cleaners (e.g., Bol Maid®, Pull®, Kling™, Stix™)
  • Symplicity™ laundry products (e.g., Pro R Prewash, Color Safe Destainer, Sanitizing Softener 550)
  • A limited number of general cleaners, floor cleaners, and disinfectants (e.g., Best Bet™, Daily Scrub SC, Sure Bet™ II, Green Earth® Restroom Cleaner)

There has been, however, a prolonged phase out of the ORM-D classification. Betco stopped shipping packages with the ORM-D label in late October, and the last day for anyone to use it is December 31, 2020. Effective January 1, 2021, shipments bearing the ORM-D mark will be rejected and can even incur civil penalties, so we are taking this opportunity to ask our distributor partners:

Do you have inventory on your shelves in ORM-D packaging?

If you answered yes, here is some good news:

  • Most SKUs that qualified for ORM-D shipment will qualify for ORM-D’s replacement: DOT (US Department of Transportation) Limited Quantity shipment.
  • The benefits of shipping Limited Quantity are similar to the benefits of shipping ORM-D.
  • You can still get ORM-D packages where they need to go, as long as you appropriately alter their markings and labeling to comply with DOT Limited Quantity regulations.

As shown in the illustration above:

  • The ORM-D label has been replaced by the new limited quantity white square-on-point label (pictured right).
  • Orientation arrows are still required under DOT if you’re shipping liquids.
  • Shipper’s and consignee’s name and address are no longer needed.

Distributors that need to get ORM-D boxes in compliance with DOT rules should:

  1. Refer to the DOT Chemical table to ensure your materials are eligible to be shipped as limited quantity.
  2. Purchase the needed number of limited quantity white square-on-point labels (1 per package).
  3. Carefully cover the ORM-D label with the new limited quantity label. You should not be able to see any part of the ORM-D box beneath, and it also cannot wrap around a side or touch any other labeling.

Note that name and address of shipper and consignee do not need to be removed or covered.

And that’s it! Well, almost...

Each employee who can affect the safety of HAZMAT shipments in transport, included Limited Quantity shipments, must also receive the hazardous material training stipulated under 49 CFR 172.704. This includes training that employers are legally obligated to provide their employees in compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.

Betco offers a FREE OSHA Hazard Communication Standard online training module that satisfies those requirements. It focuses on:

  • The content of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
  • The Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
  • How to use Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • The proper chemical labeling to prepare for hazards and/or react to exposures

Click here and log in or register free of charge to access the module, and get your employees started on the right track and your shipments moving safely.