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The Betco® Training Difference

Jan 12, 2023
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Training is important in every industry, every facility, everywhere. When a new employee begins their new job, training is needed and expected to ensure that they understand and are able to perform their duties. Additionally, ongoing training is beneficial and gives a business the advantage in a competitive environment. Continue reading to learn about the different types of training common in the janitorial/sanitation industry and how it makes a difference.

Compliance and Safety

Training on how to comply with safety measures is a major benefit to having a safe workplace. Professional cleaning staff have the ninth highest rate of injury requiring days away from work. Prevention starts with education on how to stay safe while performing job duties and responsibilities.

In the United States, each employer with hazardous chemicals present in the workplace must comply with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Completion is required for every employee by law, and it is recommended to take annually as a refresher. Additionally, every job site with the potential exposure to infectious material is required to train their employees annually on the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. It covers safety and preparation, universal precautions, protective practices, exposure, OSHA requirements, and more. Failure to complete these legally required modules can lead to legal problems and serious fines up to $136,523.

Betco® offers both OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard e-learning courses for free in an interactive format, complete with knowledge checks, videos, and bonus resources in English and Spanish. These entirely fulfill the mandated training requirement. Once complete, a certificate of achievement is available for download for proof of passing. For further safety training, take Betco’s Slip and Fall Prevention, the #1 preventable loss type, and Worker Safety, which outlines strategies to stay safe during various tasks.  

For even more compliance and safety training, Betco representatives can come and teach it at a facility through Hands-On Training at Your Location. This is a good opportunity to have a formal training session, receive in-depth information, and ask questions to our experts.


Onboarding training is an orientation program geared towards new employees to allow them to adapt to the workplace culture, their roles, and meet the team. It teaches employees what is expected of them in their role and the functions of the organization. 77% of employees hit their first performance milestone with training. For new hires who don’t get formal training, that drops below 50%. Exposure to the same training through onboarding leads to the use of the same procedures, creating process and outcome uniformity. The organization and its team members will function more efficiently when everyone is on the same page.

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Betco offers numerous trainings for new employees to help them get started in their career. From dilution control and disinfection to basic chemistry and restroom sanitation, these free modules are a great foundation and introduction to these topics. As a bonus, facility leaders have the ability to organize courses into custom learning paths, assign e-learning courses, and assign already created e-learning paths to individuals and/or teams for onboarding. In a new account experience coming soon, team management will be even more streamlined and easier to navigate with brand-new features and functionalities.

For larger groups of new employees, Betco will send representatives to a facility to review these topics in person. Click here to learn how a group of custodial directors were taught Betco’s Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program for basic disinfection procedures.


Training has the power to increase and improve skills in the workplace, giving an organization the competitive advantage, boosting individual and organizational performance, and creating a productive and positive working environment. Efficiency is boosted by 218% with knowledge and skills to excel in quality and productivity. Employees acquire new skills through training, which makes them feel more prepared to accomplish a task. Training drives motivation and willingness because employees feel valued through career enhancement and development.

Training at an airport

For those who want to further their skill set to benefit their professional career, Betco has specialty training beyond compliance, safety, and onboarding. Through Hands-On Training at Your Location, Betco representatives will develop a personalized curriculum based on challenges or subjects of greatest interest and teach it at any facility. Our 100+ representatives across North America can come wherever needed at any time of day or night. Click here to learn how a group of airport employees worked with Betco professionals to specifically learn how to a floor maintenance program for terrazzo, saving over $120,000 in floor resurfacing costs. Click here to learn how Betco spent 2 and a half days training maintenance staff members at a higher education facility.

Our E-Learning Course program also has several specialty trainings available, including wood floor care maintenance, concrete and terrazzo maintenance, warewashing for food service, on-premise laundry, and others. As previously mentioned, these courses are available for free and can be taken at any time.


Sales training should focus on sales techniques, selling strategies, and communication skills development. Job-related training and development influence 70% of employees when deciding whether to stay or go. Employees that become better informed and more motivated to progress in their career tend to stay at the job, increasing retention rates. For a salesperson to be successful when it comes to commercial cleaning and equipment, Betco has the solution.

Through Distributor Training at Betco HQ, learn how to sell Betco. New Distributor Sales Rep (DSR) training familiarizes sales reps with our total solutions bundle to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and optimize processes as well as selling and demo strategies. DSRs can also choose training classes for specific topics of interest, like floor care, disinfection, general cleaning, probiotics, equipment, and more. Over the course of a couple of days, DSRs are fully immersed in the class topic with the opportunity to use Betco products and equipment, ask questions to our experts, and network with other professionals in attendance. DSRs leave the class with an abundance of new knowledge, resources, and connections.

On the digital side, our e-learning courses dive into specific products and programs offered by Betco for a complete overview, including a specific selling skills course about EnviroZyme Probiotic Solutions.

Betco Total Training Solutions

As leaders in cleaning professional training, Betco U is designed and developed by real-world experts for comprehensive and effective skill building through Distributor Training at Betco HQ, E-Learning Courses, and Hands-On Training at Your Location.

Additionally, Betco offers digital tools to assist with training. Facility Resource Management is a cloud-based software used to educate, organize, and evaluate a team’s performance. With 2 tiers of janitorial software, improve results, increase efficiency, and validate services. Our video library contains over 200 videos that highlight product and equipment details, safety, and training procedures. The iBet Mobile App is another resource for training with access to Betco U, the video library, and more.

To learn more about Betco’s training offerings, click here. To get in touch with a Betco representative, click here