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3 Ways Auto Scrubbers, Including GeneSys™, Combat Labor Shortages

Feb 15, 2023

Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the labor shortage in the janitorial and sanitation industry and across all industries has made a lasting impact on how facilities operate and work is performed. Facilities management teams have made many adjustments to simplify processes to make jobs easier and more efficient with fewer employees. Continue reading to learn how using an auto scrubber, including a GeneSys Auto Scrubber, helps combat labor shortages.

1. Shorter Cleaning Times

Every second counts while on the job. An auto scrubber with the proper performance specs for a facility adds automated mechanization to the floor scrubbing and drying processes compared to the manual mop and bucket process.

Squeegees located on the machine direct the dirty water into the vacuum chamber on the auto scrubber. Squeegees must be durable and effective, or they will leave puddles or streaks of water, essentially reversing the work being done. Also, leaving any sort of liquid on the floor is a safety risk. A recovery tank stores the dirty water and must be large enough to avoid frequent trips to empty the tank.

2. Better Specs, Better Cleaning

Cleaning is linked to 4 components: chemical, heat, agitation, and time. With auto scrubbers, there is typically no heat included, but there is chemical and agitation over a short period of time. Because of the short period of time, the chemical action and agitation must work quickly to get the job done in one pass.

Agitation is created from a combination of down pressure and RPM. The higher the RPMs, the more times the floor is agitated, which effectively cleans it in less time. Down pressure is how hard the brush or pad pushes against the floor. With more down pressure, an auto scrubber with more horsepower is needed to turn the pad or brush under the force. The employee can operate the machine at a higher speed and still get excellent cleaning results. They do not need to make multiple passes to completely clean the floor, ultimately saving time and labor.

An orbital auto scrubber uses the same specifications but can strip a floor with an abrasive pad attached. Compared to the traditional way of using a mop and bucket, an auto scrubber can quickly remove old floor finish without manual labor. This is a huge advantage because it shortens the stripping time and can cover more floor area.

Battery-powered auto scrubbers are mobile and can operate upward to 7 hours before needing to recharge the battery. Batteries also allow the freedom of taking the auto scrubber anywhere in the facility without needing to be connected to a power source, making project work more convenient and easier.

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3. Helpful Technologies

Auto scrubbers may come equipped with technologies meant to make the job quicker and easier; however, it is important to research these features to make sure they are able to deliver the results they promise and are not “gimmicks.” Look for simple, proven technologies that actually save time and increase ease of use by:

  • Virtually eliminating time-wasting steps
  • Adapting quickly to new needs or different soil types in facilities
  • Eliminating the guesswork
  • Simplifying machine usage training

Also, technologies should focus on reducing costly and unplanned machine breakdowns. Having a broken machine will disrupt the maintenance process and require expensive repairs and possibly parts. Major components should be protected from early life failures. Plus, when a machine is temporarily out of commission and there is no backup, it halts increased productivity and efficiency by having to revert to traditional, more time-consuming methods. When spending good money on an auto scrubber, it should be expected to last.

GeneSys Walk-Behind Auto Scrubbers

The GeneSys Walk-Behind Auto Scrubbers were designed and developed to meet a primary need in the janitorial and sanitation industry to clean faster with less effort. The larger GeneSys Mid-Size Auto Scrubbers, available in 28 orbital, 26D, 28D, and 32D sizes, have 33% more horsepower, 36% more RPMs, and 50% more down pressure versus the leading disk scrubber competitor. The newer, smaller GeneSys 20 Auto Scrubbers have 25% more horsepower and 50% more down pressure than the leading disk and orbital scrubber competitors.

Each GeneSys is battery-powered and equipped with problem-solving, smart technologies for a more efficient operation.

  • SoliChem Technology eliminates manual chemical mixing with the first-ever onboard chemical dispensing system that utilizes chemical solids. A sensor notifies the operator when the solid is dissolved and a new one needs to be installed by easily dropping a new one into the slot. pH7 Ultra Neutral Floor Cleaner and Grease Solv Solid Degreaser tackles a wide variety of soils and delivers up to 80% lower daily cleaning costs compared to traditional liquid cleaners. One solid makes 350 gallons of cleaning solution.
  • Fortify® Asset Protection/Management focuses on keeping the machine running and doing the job with a suite of features and technologies that reduces the cost of ownership while extending machine life.
    • Wet Battery Protection eliminates battery failure and replacements from poor watering maintenance.
    • Tank Defoaming System proactively attacks one of the main causes of early vacuum failure and replacements.
    • Programmable timer restricts usage to only certain times of the day, so the proper operators are using the machine.
  • Airoflex®* Advanced Squeegee has a specialized blade for 40% higher vacuum performance that results in a drier and safer floor.

The GeneSys 28 and 20 Orbital reduces labor by up to 80% versus traditional stripping methods. Larger facilities can save weeks of labor per year. Click here to see just how much is saved while using a GeneSys Orbital.

Betco also offers a plethora of literature and videos to keep on hand to help with the operation and care of a GeneSys Auto Scrubber. Additionally, we offer a free e-learning course dedicated to the GeneSys Auto Scrubbers, a Distributor Training at Betco HQ on-site class that covers all our powered equipment offerings, and the opportunity to have a Betco representative come to a facility for Hands-On Training at Your Location.

All GeneSys Auto Scrubbers are ready to ship! For more information about the GeneSys Auto Scrubbers, their technologies, and to access literature and videos, click here. To learn more about our training programs, click here. To speak with a Betco representative, click here.

*Airoflex is a registered trademark of the Midwest Rubber Company