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Betco® took care of the cleaning, so he could focus on more important things.


At Betco®, we understand the importance of ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your students and faculty.

Achieve a cleaner healthier learning environment with your existing budget with the Betco® CleanDegrees® Education Program.

  • Establish a cleaning procedures curriculum.
  • Leverage our training solutions to standardize your cleaning practices.
  • Measure and assess your cleaning to know that your facility is truly clean and safe.


Healthy Schools

Recommended Procedures and Processes Combined with CDC Guidelines

Learn how to keep educational facilities safe for on-campus learning with our 3-part webinar series.

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Can you outsmart germs?

CleanDegrees® training program assists you in creating a standard cleaning program. The online training consists of videos and exams for everything from disinfection to floor care to green cleaning, LEED Certifications and OSHA requirements. 

  • Standardize cleaning procedures with task cards.
  • Leverage our training solutions with wall charts.
  • Measure and assess your cleaning with Betco’s ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) meter system to know that your facility is truly clean and safe.

Guiding you to proper hand hygiene

Hand hygiene compliance is a serious issue. Since 80% of all infections are transmitted by the hands, a schools mission, to sustain high attendance and prevent cross contamination from student to student, or teacher for that matter, is paramount. With the comprehensive solution the Compass Hand Hygiene Program offers, you can now create healthier environments. By following the timed hand washing instruction screen on each dispenser, you can reduce the chance of transmitting illness causing bacteria.

  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Available in 750 mL and 1250 mL sizes
  • 20 second timer option for handwashing
  • 8 second timer option for hand sanitizing
  • Multiple skin care formulas for any market including triclosan-free and Ecologo® certified options
  • Patent-pending technology
  • Lifetime performance guarantee
Drop the mop, ban the bucket

It’s time to drop the mop and ban the bucket! The MotoMop™ Small Area Cleaning Machine is the permanent replacement for your mop and bucket. Conquering the challenges of poor sanitation, low productivity, bad ergonomics and costly slips and falls, the MotoMop is the most important innovation in floor cleaning to date. Both versatile and compact, you can use the MotoMop in any school or educational facility.

  • 360-degree motion
  • Non-degradable lithium-ion battery
  • Indicator lights: power, battery, solution
  • Adjustable handle for ergonomic support
  • Front-facing LED light
  • Cleans up to 7,320 sq. ft. per hour
Stretch your budget
CleanDegrees® program has 4 easy steps to help you achieve a higher degree of clean while lowering your costs.

Step 1

Betco® can provide you with a FREE quick and easy labor estimator to determine what level of cleanliness you are actually achieving. This tool will help you justify the labor resources you need to meet the cleanliness levels (identified by APPA) for both new and existing buildings.

Step 2 Education_workload_150x117

Receive a free assessment of your facility to provide you a blueprint for your level of clean.

Step 3


Create a green cleaning program that uses products and equipment to reduce health risks, reduce environmental impact and contribute to improving productivity

Step 4


Standardize your cleaning with custom advanced training tools

School solutions that cut costs.
Looking for innovative ways to stretch budgets, improve productivity and still deliver a cleaner, healthier learning environment?


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  • Floors & Hallways
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  • Restrooms
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