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Top 4 Reasons to Implement BiCarbonX in an Industrial Facility

Feb 25, 2022

Industrial workers face the toughest work environments, where they use their hands as their tools to fulfill intense and challenging responsibilities. Hands are at risk of becoming dirty, and even worse, skin can be painfully damaged, as they handle soiled tools and equipment. The first thought would be to head to a sink and wash with hand soap, but that may not always be the best way to thoroughly clean hands, especially ones that may have more than the usual grime. It is crucial to have access to a hand cleaner specifically engineered to remove grease, oils, and other industrial soils. The industrial hand cleaners on the market, however, often pose their own set of challenges…until now.

Patent-pending BiCarbonX™ Premium Industrial Hand Cleaner was launched to address the needs of industrial workplaces where hands are exposed to more than everyday filth, as well as provide answers to the crucial failures of competing solutions, like lingering solvent odors, clogged sinks, and poor skin health. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of hand hygiene in an industrial facility and the specific benefits of BiCarbonX.

1. Unparalleled performance

BiCarbonX is a proprietary blend of natural emulsifiers, surfactants, and sodium bicarbonate, nature’s most versatile exfoliant. These ingredients—combined with the fact that BiCarbonX contains a whopping 40% more exfoliant than leading competitors—results in unmatched degreasing and cleaning power for thorough removal of dirt, grease, oil, paint, adhesives, and other industrial contaminants that are potentially damaging to skin.

Total Weight % Grit
Competitor G Competitor Z BiCarbonX
25% 3.20% 35%

Strong solvent smells come with these soils and also need to be eliminated, but both standard hand soaps and competing industrial hand cleaners with pumice or walnut shell scrubbers fail to completely remove them. The chemical makeup of the sodium bicarbonate abrasives in BiCarbonX allow them to naturally absorb even the strongest odors by neutralizing their pH—for example the acid buildup in used motor oil. All that’s left behind is the light, clean scent of 1 of 3 fragrances: Cherry Blast, Orange Crush, and Timber Jack.

2. Increased hand health and productivity

Not only can repeated contact with any of industrial soils listed above remove natural oils from the skin, but so can competing industrial hand cleaners, causing the skin to dry out. We again put BiCarbonX head to head with two of these products, this time in a multi-user lab test. As shown in the table below, the results prove that BiCarbonX increases skin moisture after the initial wash, while the others actually decrease it.

Difference in Initial Moisture Reading on Average
Competitor G Competitor Z BiCarbonX

Dermatologist recommendation reiterates the findings that BiCarbonX Premium Industrial Hand Cleaner’s “gentle formulation with exclusive abrasives [allows] for deep cleansing without stripping the skin. ”

The moisture zapping characteristics of other solutions, especially in combination with incomplete removal of industrial contaminants (see #1), can lead to cracked and dry hands, infection, inflammation, irritation, a rash, or even burns. According to the American Family Physician organization, work-related skin diseases such as these are responsible for an estimated 25% of all lost workdays. Routine use of BiCarbonX, however, can heal and prevent further dry skin, as well as ensure thorough removal of damaging compounds. Healthy and clean hands reduce absences, improve efficiency and morale, and create an overall safe work environment.

3. Cost reduction

Because BiCarbonX cleans hands while also moisturizing them (see #2), the need for costly, secondary skin-moisturizing lotions or barrier creams is virtually eliminated. This makes BiCarbonX the most cost-effective option for industrial facilities, and they can save up to 80% by switching!

Click to enlarge

In addition to operational savings realized in the cost of the hand hygiene program itself, BiCarbonX also offers decreased maintenance expenditures and hassles when it comes to a facility’s plumbing. Competing industrial hand cleaners contain pumice or walnut shells that can slowly build up in pipes over time and eventually clog drains. Cost factors to consider with a clog include labor, difficulty, parts, and how much of the drain is clogged. On average, it can cost upwards of almost $4,000 for a contractor to repeatedly unclog pipes and upwards of $25,000 to repair a damaged pipe or to replace multiple damaged pipes. Even a minor clog that can be cleared by a custodian will require additional supplies, maintenance, and labor.

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To avoid plumbing problems and hundreds of dollars in repairs, choose a formula that will not harm plumbing. BiCarbonX has the industry’s only Clog-Free Guarantee due to its water-soluble formula. It is broken down and flows easily through a drain, and will never build up. If a build-up or clog does occur, BiCarbonX is not the cause because it is 100% water-soluble.**

Click here to read about how BiCarbonX delivered a 6-figure savings for a company.

4. Sustainability Promise

More and more industrial facilities are making the commitment to go green. Switching to BiCarbonX can help realize sustainability goals, as only bio-based, renewable resources are used to develop its effective formula. Bio-based resources are natural materials and do not deplete Earth when used. Because of these properties and its water-soluble formula, there are no negative downstream environmental effects. Downstream environmental effects are everything that happens to a product when it is disposed of.

BiCarbonX is also Betco® Green Earth® certified, a rigorous process that ensures products are sustainable and safe while also having high performance qualities. Products must meet or exceed specific criteria compared to traditional products, which include product performance, safety for end users, environmental impact, and cruelty-free. Read more about our sustainability promise here.

BiCarbonX is available in 3 package sizes to best meet the needs of any facility. The 1-gallon option comes with a pump attached, while the 2- and 4-liter bottles are able to slide into Triton dispensers.

By using BiCarbonX, industrial workers can keep their hands clean and healthy while on the job. Industrial facilities are able to cut costs while simultaneously supporting sustainable initiatives. For more information about BiCarbonX and industrial hand hygiene, click here. To speak with a Betco representative, visit this link.

*Based on total formula weight

**No agreement for compensation is express or implied.