Step Five - Enhanced Facility
Disinfection Program

Documentation of Tasks Performed

Documentation and communication provides reassurance to your employees, customers, and vendors that enhanced disinfection was completed according to the highest industry standards.

Download certifications, table tents, wall signs and more and take advantage of these powerful messaging tools in your clean and disinfected healthy facility.

Become an Advanced Clean Facility Today

Together, let’s assure building occupants that their health and safety is important, and that practices are in place to help maintain a healthy environment. Communicate the benefits of proper cleaning and disinfection practices with Betco’s Advanced Clean Facility tools.

Participation is simple. The Betco Advanced Clean Facility static clings and other materials are available to customers and facilities using Betco disinfectant products, including wipes, ready-to-use, and concentrates, and following the Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program. Static clings are perfect for interior and exterior door glass, windows, restroom mirrors, and glass countertops.

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Certificate of Disinfection

Download the Certificate of Disinfection to build confidence for your team members and customers showing your facility has been disinfected using EPA-registered products that are in compliance with CDC standards that reduce the risk of spreading infection., including SARs – COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Smart Tools Certificate of Disinfection
Smart Tools Enhanced Facility Disinfection Survey

Disinfection Survey

From enhanced disinfection procedures, properly disposing or waste, testing surfaces with ATP meters, and a facility walk through check list, download the Enhanced Facility Disinfection Survey to confirm your facility has been disinfected properly with EPA-registered products that meet CDC guidelines.

Table Tents and Flyers

Communicate the ultimate level of advanced clean. Download the “Advanced Clean Facility” Table Tent and Poster to communicate to your customers and team members that your facility is clean and in compliance with the CDC guidelines.

Facility Posters and Signs

Downloading and printing communication posters will help address fears that team members may have when returning to work. Place the sign at all entrances to build confidence and trust that the right things are done to insure a healthy workplace.

FDA COVID Best Practices Reopen Food

Hand Hygiene Flyers and Wall Charts

Download and post these hand washing procedures wall charts at all hand washing stations. These wall charts will remind team members the importance of washing hands often and how important it is to stop the spread of germs. Use the Word format to fully customize your material with your logo.

Betco Wants to Make Sure You Are Prepared

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A critical point has been reached in our collective efforts, and Betco is here to help you create a comprehensive plan.

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