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Step One - Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program

Site Assessment and PPE

Prior to entering any facility for enhanced disinfection project work, perform a site assessment and ensure that you have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

A proper site assessment will allow you to gather the full range of information relevant to the project.

  1. Identify Your Facility Hazards: Biological, Chemical, Physical
  2. Create Your Work Plan
  3. Determine the Required PPE

Identify Your Facility Hazards

Biological Facility Hazard

Determine whether workers may be exposed to sources of infectious diseases, molds, toxic or poisonous plants, or animal materials 

Chemical Facility Hazard

Identify if there are harmful chemicals, caustic substances, pesticides, or heavy metals

Physical Facility Hazard

Identify any exposures to sharp surfaces, heights, structural issues, hot/cold surfaces, noise, and electricity



Create Your Work Plan

There are several areas and factors to consider when writing up work plan to clean and disinfect your facility. Be sure to consider quality and direction of indoor airflow, presence of electricity or running water, proper training of Staff, and waste removal too.

Entrance and Exit

Decide Entrance and Exit Strategy

  • Clear Zone –  Clean zone outside of any potentially infected area
  • Transition Zone – Zone for staging chemicals and equipment and donning/doffing PPE
  • Operating Zone – Zone within the facility where disinfection project work is performed

Betco Products

Determine Chemical Products to Clean Prior to Disinfecting

  • General purpose cleaner, Degreaser, Glass cleaner, Bowl cleaner
  • Disinfectant (surface and floors)
Cleaning Equipment

Determine Equipment Required

  • Rags, microfiber cloths, dust cloths, Toilet bowl brush / scrub brush, Wet floor signs
  • Vacuum with attachments and vacuum bags, Broom and/or dust mop and dust pan, autoscrubbers

Determination of Required PPE


For KNOWN or SUSPECTED COVID-19 cases a deeper, more intensive type of facility disinfection that is carried out in response to a viral outbreak. 

N95 Mask

PPE required:

  • N-95 surgical mask or powered air purifying respirator (PAPR)
  • Eye protection – Face shield, safety glasses, safety goggles
  • Disposable gown or properly laundered reusable covering
  • Gloves
  • Shoe covers or shoes that can be properly decontaminated

Corrective Disinfection

For NO known or suspected COVID-19 cases disinfection done on an interim basis as a preventative measure against a viral outbreak. 

Preventative Disinfection

PPE required:

  • Surgical mask (to prevent contact between hands and face)
  • Eye Protection – face shield, safety glasses, safety goggles
  • Gloves
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