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Step Two - Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program

Application Methods and Disinfectants

The proper selection of the right application tools and ideal disinfectant is the most important process to meet your facilities requirements. Concentrated and ready-to-use EPA-approved disinfectant products prove to be your best tools. 


Selecting the Right Application Method

How you apply a disinfectant can be just as important as the disinfectant itself. For any disinfectant to be effective, the surface must remain wet for the entire prescribed contact time.

These devices should always be used at a coarse spray setting to provide the wettest spray possible.


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Large Area Disinfection

Maximize Your ROI and Production Rates

Large Area Disinfection is part of the Betco Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program.

Large Area Disinfection using airless sprayers and electrostatic sprayers that provide high production rates with better coverage can significantly increase efficiency and effectiveness.

See for yourself Titan Tool Airless Sprayer's are proven to spray select EPA “List N” solutions for use against the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19.


Selecting the Right Disinfectant

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has provided List N, which identifies recommended and approved disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, through the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. EPA registration numbers for the following Betco® products appear on the list.

To match your operational needs, the list includes ready-to-use (RTU) products in both trigger and aerosol options as well as a number of dilutable concentrates:

Step 2 List of Disinfectant Products

Betco Wants to Make Sure You Are Prepared

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